Sergio wins an important battle against religious and cultural apartheid

Sunday, 15 May 2011 06:47 Dan Zaremba

Playing the race card backfired badly and the Islamist activist Cigdem Aydemir was advised to withdraw her case against the mural painted by Sydney artist Sergio Redegalli on the wall of his studio in Newtown.

A Muslim resident who claimed the artwork in Newtown incited racial and religious hatred has moved to withdraw a case mounted under the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act alleging the mural amounted to "ethno-religious vilification". 

 NSW Legal Aid has written to Redegalli on behalf of the complainant, Cigdem Aydemir, offering to discontinue the proceedings as long as she is not obliged to pay costs. Redegalli says he will agree only if he receives an apology and reimbursement of more than $2000. (source)

The dreadful burqa (I use it this term only as a symbol of Islamic full face cover as there are many different types of this horrible cultural abomination) means many different things to many Australians.

To many of us it is simply a symbol of oppression used by Islamist to score a winning point in their battle to gradually introduce Sharia and to permanently impose religious and cultural apartheid on our tolerant, egalitarian society.

To many others  it is simply a matter of common sense to ban full face cover when entering public spaces and buildings (very much the same as wearing motorcycle helmets and balaclavas while entering banks).

One thing is certain- burqas, chadors, niqabs and the likes of them have NO PLACE in Australian society.

The Islamist howling in demand of so called freedom of choice is irrelevant as  there is an alternative – migration to Saudi Arabia or Iran.

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